Peter Turner

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

A thought perhaps, on two special fields —

science and philosophy.

Both spawn waves throughout our world;

though the mediums in which they travel are…different.

Through science they propagate through objective reality — emerging, breaking out — in our technologies, on the banks of engineering.

But philosophy, starting out more abstract, its waves propagate through our collective consciousness, through tales and ideas — maturing into structures, hierarchies, and ways of life.

But orthogonal? No — I don’t think so.

Both fields…interplay,

together creating the stories and tools of the day.

A watery exchange catalyzing continuous evolutionary change,

until the present — at the tip-top of their evolutionary trees,

or where their crests collide beneath the sea breeze.

Philosophy, science — they permeate,

through every crack, every crevice on their break;

with technological innovations & relics;

masterpieces, & fleeting cultural hegemonies in their wake.



Peter Turner

Peter Turner

Inquisitive data scientist and physical asset management consultant from South Africa. Interested in history.